Symbiots (street light) 2008

Symbiots is a series of interventions in the local infrastructure. Inspired by the idea of parasitism the concept suggests a system underneath the ground that thrives whenever the energy consumption in the area is low. When the energy use is under a certain threshold the Symbiots take it’s form of playful and provocative changes within the urban landscape. A street crossing turns into an outdoor cinema where the benches also functions as road blockers, the block that together has lowered their consumption is rewarded with a mini golf course and a streetlight expands and spotlights the balcony of an apartment where little energy has been consumed.

Symbiots is part of Switch! which is run by the Interactive Institute with funding from the Swedish Energy Authority. Project participants: Jenny Bergström, Ramia Mazé, Johan Redström, Anna Vallgårda, Olivia Jeczmyk and Bildinstitutet.