Telltale 2008
Telltale is a piece of furniture that collects traces and marks from one or a number of households’ energy habits. Its name refers to its ability to carry information and to its ability to record a history. The inside structure of the object act in response to increase and decrease of energy use and the construction is weakened if the consumption is high. The objects surface is affected to a greater or less extent in relation to the usage of the furniture and the energy use in the household. It wares, cracks and wrinkles. When the inner structure of the object later recovers there will still be traces in the material as a reminder of former energy (mis)use.

Telltale is part of Switch! which is run by the Interactive Institute with funding from the Swedish Energy Authority. Project participants: Jenny Bergström, Ramia Mazé, Johan Redström, Anna Vallgårda, and Alberto Frigo.