The Secret Life of a Material 2013

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Collaborating with the research and development company Innventia and working with renewable plastics derived from gluten, this workshop aims to explore the materials properties, stretch its boundaries and invent new interesting ways of application. With a hands on approach and by implementing textile processes on an unfamiliar material the participants uncover new possibilities within the field of textile design.

The outcomes from this one week workshop is shown at Stockholm Furniture Fair 5-9 Feb 2013. The exhibition presents experiments through to products and is a show case of the diversity of methods and approaches present at the Konstfack Textile department.

Renewable gluten plastics are developed by Mikael Gällstedt at Innventia.

'The Secret Life of a Material' is a continuation of the research project ‘Temporal Textiles’ initiated at The Interactive Institute.

Victoria Cleverby
Matilda Dominique
Sofie Fischer
Sunna Hansdóttir
Svetlana Hällsten
Abigail Janjic
Matilda Norberg
Lisa Nilsson
Anneli Tegelberg