The Secret Life
of a Material


Collaborating with the research and development company Innventia and working with renewable plastics derived from gluten, this workshop aims to explore the properties of the material, stretch its boundaries and invent new interesting ways of application.

With a hands-on approach and by implementing textile processes on an unfamiliar material the participants uncover new possibilities within the field of textile design.

The outcomes from this one-week workshop were shown at Stockholm Furniture Fair 5-9 Feb 2013. With an interest in challenging the creative process a range of objects was created, each of them unique in expression and technique demonstrating the potential and possibilities of one material.


'The Secret Life of a Material' is a continuation of the research project ‘Temporal Textiles' developed in collaboration with Johan Redström and initiated at The Interactive Institute. 

Course direction in collaboration with Ulrika Mårtensson

Participating students: Victoria Cleverby, Matilda Dominique, Sofie Fischer, Sunna Hansdóttir, Svetlana Hällsten, Abigail Janjic, Matilda Norberg, Lisa Nilsson, Anneli Tegelberg

Jenny Bergström

Design & Research

ⓒ 2023 all rights reserved. Jenny Bergström

Jenny Bergström

Design & Research

2023 All rights reserved. Jenny Bergström