Jenny Bergström is a designer, educator, and researcher with an interest in the impact design can have on our everyday lives. 



A participatory design approach played a central role in the development of these energy-generating installations for the music university in Piteå, Sweden. Commissioned by Piteå Municipally and the Swedish Energy Authority and developed in collaboration with architects Björn Ekelund and August Wiklund (SWECO), the installations are part of the construction of an energy-smart campus.


Apocalyptic forecast wallpaper

The pattern Global Temperature Change is created by diagrams presented in the report of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change on temperature changes from 2007. By repeating the diagrams, a continuous increase of temperature is illustrated. 



Participatory Design as a Tool to Create Resourceful Communities in Sweden



In connection with EnergiForm a solar panel park was planned close to the campus area. As part of the brief, we were asked to maximise the variety of angles in which the solar panels are mounted. Using 200 panels we created a giant spiral that turns through a clearing in the forest leading to the university area. The sculpture viewed in profile, illustrates a pixelated sound wave, referring to the music university. The energy production of each panel is measured and the data is used in a research project to calculate the efficiency of panels on specific angles.

Jenny Bergström

Design & Research

ⓒ 2023 all rights reserved. Jenny Bergström

Jenny Bergström

Design & Research

2023 All rights reserved. Jenny Bergström